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All · The · Truths · I'm · About · To · Tell · You...

are shameless lies

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I'm sitting here, on my bed.
I'm bored. Oh so very bored.

I have things I need to get done. But I'm actually trying to find something else to do besides do what I need to do to get done. Go figure.


I'm making a new livejournal. Right now because it's something to do.

* * *
Most of the shit I typed before doesn't apply now.

I'm thinking of deleting every post prior to this one because I honestly don't care about what I complained about in the past... if I'm not lazy, I'll do just that (if I can).

Life. Life is... I don't know.

I honestly don't know how to describe every feeling I have right now. Nor do I have the energy to describe everything that has happened. That's another aspect of life that I've learned to except- I'm terrible at remembering stuff on the spot... or just in general.

Currently, I have a FUCK TON of homework to complete so I don't fail all my classes... and I want to get to bed at a somewhat early time. Ciao.

* * *

How is it possible to still be fucking messed up when things are finally starting to go my way!? Fuck.

I have the most beautiful girlfriend.
I'm getting a car.
I'm part of a pagan church filled with wonderful people.
I have tons of friends.

Yet my grades suck and I can't stay strick to my diet. I lack motivation.

Why is that?

I'm fucking confused and moody. And tired. I should get to sleep. Ya. That's a good idea.

Current Mood:
cranky cranky
Current Music:
Bright Eyes
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One more hour until Lost goes on.

Buuuut, the point -

I have stretched my ears to a 4 gauge. And just so you know, it hurt but damn I am happy about it. After I put them in, I was giddy as a four-month-old puppy. But seriously it hurts and it takes a bit to push those plugs in. Oh well. Life goes on.

But I've got holes in my ears. Now you can actually see through 'em. It's so much fun! =D

Current Music:
Movie: Grace Kelly
* * *
Life has been interesting.

For the past two weeks I've been living at Ben's house until my dad moves into the condo in Robbinsville. (Don't forget that my parents are seperated.)

Currently it is Spring Break and one more hour left until April Fool's Day is over.
Next week I am moving into the new condo and I've been bipolar girl for a couple weeks it seems along with chronic headache girl. Life is decent. Music is beautiful. Hmmm, what else, what else... Well, I'm becoming a pagan! Isn't that great? Sort of hypocritical of me, but I still don't care because... I love feeling a part of something that'll be beneficial to me. So FUCK YOU ALL. Haha. Yeah, but I still love you all.

Other then that, things are normal as a baby crying.

Ciao now.

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content content
Current Music:
Surrender - Cheap Trick
* * *
* * *
Haven't updated in... forever.

Yeah. Been busy to the fifth power. Of course I haven't forgotten livejournal. Hmmm. Well I'm not moving out of New Jersey. In fact my mom is moving to Ewing and my dad is moving to Robbinsville. Which means I will STILL BE GOING TO RHS. Importante. No? I'm moving this Saturday and hate packing but it's exciting none the less.

I'm not sure what else to put.

Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
I want you to want me - Cheap Trick
* * *
LOST premiers again tonight at ten.

That's the only thing I look forward to today.

Current Mood:
depressed depressed
* * *
My computer is fixed.

I am amazingly happy about that.

Too much has happened for me to write it all down. But in a nutshell... I've met a gazillion new people that are sexier then the gazillion people that you might've met and now I have to make up for about a month of no computer on varies forums.


Was going to move to Florida. Now I am most likely not going to be moving there BUT (there always is one) I'm most likely moving out of the county. Yup. Heading north but hey, at least it's not Florida. Sooo... statistically... there is a:

2/8 chance of moving to Florida.
7/8 chance of moving to another county in New Jersey.
0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001/8 chance of staying in Robbinsville.

But who knows how things will work out.
Only time can tell.

But this means OTACON and I have varies people offering me their hotel bathtubs to sleep in. Booyah.

Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
A Sorta Fairytale - Tori Amos
* * *
I have not felt like writing anything.

But I have drawn...

Dad took the scanner when he left though and I don't have the camera.

Soooo, can't show anything for ya. Ta.

* * *
Merry Christmas.
* * *
* * *